Part of a larger world

WAR DOGS is part of a larger picture which is something I have only discussed with friends here and there over the past 19 months of working on the graphic novel.

For anyone interested, I spent 9 – 11 months writing the full 200 page script while stopping to work on freelance for various clients and whipping together little teasers to keep the War Dogs name in people’s heads.

After that I was on art duty for 6 months, again only stopping to work on paid freelance gigs and, on rare occasion, going out to try and have a life..

To say I put a lot into War Dogs would be an understatement. I’ve never worked as hard on one project in my life. I made every effort to draw Asians as properly as possible and write the British slang as accurately as I could while making dialogue sound conversational as opposed to expository.

There were many times where I thought it was all too much and wanted to quit. Tried to convince myself no one really cared about it and were just being polite when they said (in chat messages) “Man, this is so cool I can’t wait!” or “I’ve never seen this done for Asians before!”

A few friends kept me going. Some close ones who really believed in the story, so I pushed past self-doubt, fought off self-loathing, and used the project to deal with my demons. Often times using the pages of the story as a trap to house them in.

And deep down I really wanted it to be a success.

Most people won’t believe me when I say I wasn’t in it for the money. No one with any grip on reality gets into comics to make big money, that’s just nonsense. You do it because it moves you, because you HAVE to tell your stories. I took freelance work in order to avoid worrying about money which of course extended the time I spent working on the graphic novel, but I felt it was the way to go.

This is my tribute to Asian action cinema, which I’ve repeated ad-nauseum to God Knows how many people since starting.

I wanted this book to be a success, of one degree or another JUST so I could tell the full story. Book one is one huge first act of a three part Flat Film. I can’t make movies so I use the sequential art format to tell cinematic stories as best I can.

I actually didn’t make War Dogs for comic fans so much as for people who’ve never or rarely read comics as a bridge to bring them IN.

And my plans are bigger than I let on.

War Dogs is part of a shared universe, one I’ve been working on since about 2005. Be it EBooks or comics, I have one main thread that connects everything.

This story takes place in the modern day and my Ebbok “Instincts” and my other comic series “Company Man” take place around 2025.

So War Dogs Series Two, if there ever is one, will move forward in time and connect with those other series. I want to push it into the Cyberpunk realm. I can’t reveal too much more because only book one is out and the thread I mentioned is revealed in the final act of the War Dogs story.

It’s up to the public as to whether or not this will ever happen.

Here’s one little bit I feel I can share without spoiling too much; the gang War Dogs was originally a throwaway plot device from my Instincts book series (which I have to get back to and write parts 3 through 5). I grabbed the name at random for this project and it just stuck.

You can read about the rest of the universe I’ve been building the last 12 years by checking out the link below and grabbing a book or two.

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