Getting under the “skin” of WAR DOGS

Most of the “cast” are natives of the UK.
Everyone in the comic is a real person from somewhere in the world, be it London, Norway, California, Queens, South Korea, China, Germany, and Washington.

Most people involved, if not all, have never met for a scene. I have hundreds of reference photos from those involved as well as countless hours searching Google for everything from locations in the UK to guns to cars to clothing, and even YouTube where I went for reference on writing UK slang properly. (Korean Billy is your man if you need to do the same).

Asians had to look right and stand apart from one another visually even if they were all bald in a certain shot. And it meant a lot to me to write British dialogue that would impress and pass the UK native test.

War Dogs was originally going to be set in NY but once the first batch of “actors” started showing up from the UK I decided that’s where it needed to be.

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