Be the Change or Be The Victim

On BOBBY LEE’S podcast, guest star MARGARET CHO told a story about Tilda Swinton calling her to ask why Asians were so mad about her role in Dr Strange.

After Margaret tried explaining it to her, Tilda asked her if she could “tell them to not be so angry”. Margaret said, “it’s not like I have a Yellow Phone under a cake dome somewhere that I can use to call EVERY Asian ever and ask them to chill out about Tilda.”

Then, in a very “Well, I have a Black Friend” kind of moment, Tilda went on to try and justify herself by informing Margaret she’s producing a movie with Steven Yeun.

Bobby Lee told a story about an actor named Steven Park (I believe) who wrote a mission statement about the plight of Asians in Hollywood and was summarily drummed out of the business for a time. He said Park couldn’t get hired anywhere after that letter went out.

So…Liberal Hollywood, right?

If you’re going to work in a racist environment, then you have no choice but to accept what they give you unless you go ahead and make your own project showcasing what you can really do since Hollywood only sees your skin and culture.

You’re basically a Talking Prop they use to service the needs of their film.

Be the change you want in the world, yeah?

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