Admiring my friends from overseas

Received an FB messenger call from one of my friends overseas and always appreciate and admire their American English no matter what level it’s at. It’s way better than I could do at their language and find it charming.

I hate it when people mock people from other countries when they have any difficulty with the language here. Those people can go fuck themselves.

Go to someone elses country and try to speak their language and see how well you do.

I think most people in this country don’t realize what an honor it is for someone from another country to speak to you in a language YOUR most comfortable with.

They’re stepping WAY outside of their comfort zone to interact with you ion your language and are respecting the country they’re in at the time time by doing so, all at the risk of being mocked by some ignorant American who wouldn’t have the balls to do the same.

I try and pick up some words in Chinese, Korean, Kazakh, basically any country where I have some friends I’d love to speak to in their native tongue but my brain is too full of stuff it seems. Still, I keep trying now and then.

To all my friends from other countries, never stop trying and never be embarrassed. You guys are awesome.

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